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Uni student champs in Kazan set for big sprint regatta wrotes a report about the 2013 Summer Universiade in Kazan (Russia):

Guy Dresser | Royal Canoe Club - The annual magazine of the International University Sports Federation has just landed on my doormat and, for once, has a big canoeing focus.

The FISU (it has this acronym on account of its spelling in French - Fédération Internationale du Sport Universitaire) magazine is normally a rather dull but worthy tome though this one’s enlivened by the rather nice canoeing cover photo (left) and a detailed report on what to expect from canoe sprinting at the 2013 Universiade – the World Student Games.

The Universiade will be held in Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, part of the Russian Federation. Kazan hosts the Russian national championships in both canoeing and rowing on its main lake and it’ll be the venue for the Universiade canoe sprint and rowing events in 2013.

The 2012 World University Canoe Sprint Championship, held after the London Olympic Games, escaped my notice at the time but served as a test event for the 2013 Universiade

The 2013 Universiade regatta is likely to attract a healthy turnout – though the test event itself had just 163 athletes from 18 countries, including Australia, France, Hungary, Russia, Italy, Ukraine and Poland. This small turnout was said by the organisers to be a consequence of the fact that many federations didn’t take part because they’d mostly exhausted their funds for the year at the Olympic Games just a couple of weeks earlier. Stars of the show were a number of Olympic athletes who had in fact competed in London.

You can find more on the Universiade here and the canoe sprint page is here (check out the photo gallery on that page). It’s probably time to start lobbying your federation to see if they’ll part-fund a team.

Completely separately, there’s a report about a study which appears to show that athletes are more intelligent than students (Aren’t most people more intelligent than students? It’s all the beer, ciggies and drugs. Ed). Professional athletes learn quicker than university students to unravel complex visual data, the study that challenges the age-old brains-vs-brawn cliché. Jocks are brainy too, the study claims, and are in fact smarter in some dynamic contexts, concludes the paper in the journal Nature Scientific Reports.

Not being one to cast aspersions on scientific studies like this, but there seems to be an underlying assumption that athletes are thick. “Jocks” is also a fairly derogatory term taken to mean muscle-bound thickos who make up American football teams. In fact, many athletes were once students and, as we all know, it takes a fair degree of intelligence to make it to elite level in sport. It’s all rather thought provoking – make of it what you will.

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