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Canoe/Kayak Sprint Junior & U23 World Championships 2013 Welland (CAN)

Welland 2013 Find all information about the Junior & Under-23 canoe/kayak world champs 2013 in Canadian Welland. The top young canoe/kayak racing athletes can expect a spectacular event right next to the Niagara Falls.
Short facts:

New Athlete profile by Canoe Niagara: Bill Bain

Name: BILL BAIN, Australia
Age: 19
Event: 1000m
Height: 182cm
Weight: 80kg
Hometown: Point Cartwright Ė Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Club: Maroochydore Kayak Club
High School: Matthew Flinders Anglican College
College/University: Griffith University Ė Gold Coast
Area of Study/Major: Commerce

1. At what age did you start paddling and how did you become involved in the sport?
I commenced paddling at age 15 through a talent identification program that brought athletes from a Surf Life Saving background into kayaking. Many Australian kayakers have come from a surf background - Ski paddling.

2. Where and when was your first competition, and how did you do?
2009 Australian Titles - Perth, Western Australia.
U16 events - placed nearly last in every B final. Peaked with a 2nd in the U16 K1 1000m B final.

3. What has inspired you to train and compete at an International level?
The awesome canoe venues all over the world are certainly enticing. Enjoying these experiences with training and team mates is motivating through probably the greatest catalyst is the challenge to find ways to improve yourself as an athlete & person.

4. What is your preference - individual or team boats, and why?
I donít have a preference, I just enjoy racing. There are positives for both disciplines, there is the ecstasy of winning as a team, but also in singles knowing that you, yourself are the champion.

5. What race distance do you prefer, and why?
K1 500 as the event involves sprinting until you cannot sprint any longer, a very gutsy event. I also enjoy endurance of the K1 1000m, this has been my most successful distance.

6. What has been your biggest accomplishment(s) in the sport?
Winning the K1 at the Junior World Marathon Championships in Singapore 2011.
Beating the legend Clint Robinson (Barcelona K1 1000 Olympic Champion) in the 2012 Australian Olympic Selection Trails.

7. What is the best advice you have been given and who offered it to you?
If youíre going to do something, be sure to do it properly!

8. Tell us about your current training schedule. Describe an average day for you.
Training generally starts with an on water session at 5:30am, finishing at seven. Breakfast occasionally followed by light rehabilitation gym work. Then either study or work during the day with another on water session at 4:30 finishing at 6pm. Home for dinner.

9. What do you do for fun and relaxation?
Surfing the local break & relaxing on the couch. There is not a lot of time left over after training, university & work.

10. Next summer, the Junior and Under 23 World Championships are in Canada, what did you think when you first heard the announcement? Have you been to Canada before?
I was very excited to hear the announcement; Canada is a fresh change from racing within Europe. It is also positive to have both Juniors & U23ís racing together developing team bonding and exposure to the next level. The announcement had its downside with no inclusion of the menís 500m & 5km. I believe all events should be included as it gives a greater number of opportunities for athletes to display their strengths. There are so many great paddlers all around the world who may miss out. These events keep people in the sport.

The Australian Junior & U22 teams travelled to Canada in 2012 to familiarize ourselves with the travel obstacles. The trip is quite a distance from my home on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. It was an awesome experience, one Iím sure will be surpassed by this years World Championships.

11. What would you like to do after your Canoe/Kayak career is over?
To have a life with mates & the ocean, be level headed & respected as a person by the people around me.

12. What is your favourite thing about the sport of Canoe/Kayak? Do you have any special memory that you would like to share?
Kayaking gives athletes the opportunity to travel the globe racing, learning about different cultures and developing strong bonds with like minded people. The sport also allows for activity in a non-competitive environment, creating an appreciation for spectators.

13. What is your goal for the 2013 season?
Having made the Australian U23 Team, my other goals are to also make the Australian Open team, to grow as a paddler on these trips and hopefully pressure the top dogs a little.

14. What is your dream goal?
I suppose everyoneís goal is to reach the pinnacle of the sport, which for us it is Olympic Glory. If one day I get there the feeling & appreciation of the journey will be a far greater feat. To be mentioned in kayaking history would be a true accolade.