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Canoe/Kayak Sprint Junior & U23 World Championships 2013 Welland (CAN)

Welland 2013 Find all information about the Junior & Under-23 canoe/kayak world champs 2013 in Canadian Welland. The top young canoe/kayak racing athletes can expect a spectacular event right next to the Niagara Falls.
Short facts:

Interview with Emilie Fournel (CAN)

Name: Emilie Fournel
Age: 26
Hometown: Lachine
Club: Lachine racing canoe club
Career Accomplishments: 2 Olympic Games 2008 -2012, World championship bronze medal, Panaméricain championship medals, World cup medals
Junior World Year: 2003
Junior World Results: 4th k1 500 meters

1. Describe your experience at the World Junior Championships and the effect it had on you as a paddler.
My junior world memories start before I made the junior world team. I remember how motivated and how I hard I worked to make my dreams come trough that year. I set my standard high right from them and it definitely carry on into my senior years. My World junior championship were held in Japan and only the travel alone was overwhelming! But I can for sure say that it was that event that made me hook on the feeling of paddling has hard has a can representing my country all over the world!

2. This event is an exciting celebration, please tell us about on of your most memorable instances at the Junior Worlds.
Being so far away from home for the first time and understanding how many good paddlers there are out there made it clear for me that I was part of a giant community and that even when times are tough back home on the water and I feel alone, there is tons of other people doing the same thing as me all over the world! It was a great eye opener on what being a athlete at a international level requires.

3. What advice would you like to give to the young athletes racing at Canoe Niagara 2013?
Observe! This is the best time to learn. Being a good paddler is all about getting better every day and staying open minded and willing to try new things. Junior world championship is a great place to show the world what your made of but it is also a great place to watch and learn from the world! Most importantly, have fun. What I have learn over my 10 years of international racing is that paddlers from all around the world are the friendliest people you will ever meet!